This page could be found on VCNA's website but suddenly disappeared. Since we think it contains some useful information we have put a copy of it here on our website. Volvo 164 Club of Sweden, January 15, 2001.

ABS Anti-lock braking system first installed on certain 1987 Volvos.
Air Mass Meter Also called air flow meter. Fuel injection system part located on the left front of the engine compartment; measures the mass of air flowing into the engine intake system. Early types have a metal housing; late versions are hard plastic.
Automatic Climate Also called ACC; heater system Control combined with an air conditioning.
B-23FT Turbotharged four-cylinder Volvo engine installed on a limited number of 1984 760 Turbo models.
B-23OFT Volvo turbocharger, intercooled four-cylinder engine only installed in 740-760 Turbo models starting in 1985.
B-28OF All aluminum six-cylinder engine arranged in a V shape; later version of B-28F engine but few parts are shared.
Battery Tray The part that a car battery rests on; can be either metal or plastic.
Center bearing The center portion of a Turbocharger, which houses bearings that support the compressor wheels and shaft; refers to the large main bearing in the center of the driveline (propeller shafts).
Central Electrical Unit A holder for relays and fuses in the 700 that also acts as a junction box for the connection of auxiliary electrical equipment; located behind the ashtray on all 1983-87 700s.
Constant Track Suspension The name for the 700 unique rear suspension system.
D-24T Turbocharged 2.4 liter diesel engine.
Electronic Control Unit A computer used to control certain functions such as fuel or ignition.
Flex Plate A disc-shaped part that connects an automatic transmission torque converter to the crankshaft -- takes the place of a flywheel in automatic transmission Volvos.
Fluid Level Sensor An electrical part that indicates low washer fluid level in washer tank; located in washer tank.
Fuse Block Flywheel Fuse panel or fuse holder. A toothed, round metal disc attached to the back of the crankshaft on all manual transmission Volvos.
GLE Body trim designation used on 700 and some earlier 240/260 models; usually indicates top-of-the-line trim level.
Heater Valve Part that controls flow of coolant into heater core and is vacuum operated on 700.
Hydraulic Engine Mount A part that connects the engine to the car body and contains a rubber spring containing a liquid-filled space. The space contains a rigid divider with a system of passages to control the flow of the fluid. Used on all B23OF engines driving auto trans and all B-23OF-Turbo engines.
Identification Plates A variety of metal or plastic plates (approximately credit card size) that contain information about a particular vehicle; locations vary by cars.
Knee Bolster A lower piece of the dashboard used along with SRS for safety reasons.
Knock Sensor A sensor attached to the engine clock that signals the electronic control unit to retard ignition timing until the engine stops knocking.
Lock-up Converter The mechanical transfer of power that locks the impeller to the turbine in the torque converter in a four-speed automatic transmission; used in ZF and some AW automatics.
Macpherson Strut The spring-strut type front suspension used on all Volvos after 1975.
Main Fuel Pump Located under the middle of the 700 models alongside the fuel filter.
Microprocessor A part of a computer that compares, calculates and adapts information/values received from other sources; usually the entire computer is replaced if this part is defective.
Nivomat Shock Absorbers Load leveling units that are standard equipment on 760 and 780 sedans and station wagons.
Pre-Pump See Tank Pump.
Routine Maintenance Parts Parts that should be replaced at recommended intervals by Volvo -- oil filters, air filters, timing belt, etc.
Sliding Calipers A mechanical/hydraulic brake system caliper; used on all 700.
SRS Volvo's supplementary restraint system; a strong nylon bag that deploys in the event of a significant frontal impact.
Suliuric Acid Fluid in the car battery -- an acidfilled battery -- is called wet battery.
Tank Pump Also called pre-pump; located in the gas tank and used to pump gasoline to the main fuel pump.
Third Brake Light An additional brake light, usually installed in the center of the rear window.
Type J Overdrive An overdrive unit capable of handling up to 185 of continuous engine torque; identification plate on side of overdrive unit.
Type P Overdrive An overdrive unit capable of handling more engine power (torque) than Type J. First installed on manual trans 1986 700s with B230F-Turbo. It can handle continuous engine torque of 220 (30ONM). Identification plate on side of overdrive unit.
Water Cooled Turbo Turbocharger equipped for cooling of the center bearings by radiator/engine coolant in addition to usual oil cooling.
Water Valve See Heater Valve