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Last update April 26, 2016

A list with all that we know about. If you know about one that isn´t on our list - please tell us!

Movies and TV series


40 Years - The story of Volvo's first forty years in America
Volvo 1995. English.
144 pages.

Bilar.... en bilderbok om hur man gör en bil
Lindblads 1969. Swedish.
64 pages.

Bilfabriken, Jens S Jensen
Bo Cavefors Bokförlag. 1976. Swedish.
A story about work at Volvo Torslandaverken in Göteborg
80 pages.

Car & Driver On Volvo 1955-1986
Brooklands Books 1986. English.
Reprint of tests.
112 pages, 3 with Volvo 164.

Chilton's Volvo 1970-1973 Repair & tune-up guide
Chilton book company. 1973. English
226 pages

Chilton's Volvo 1970-89 Repair manual
Chilton book company. 1989. English
502 pages

Dom kallar oss bilbyggare, Jens S Jensen
Aktuell Fotolitteratur Fyra Förläggare AB, Helsingborg. 1978. Swedish.
A story about work at Volvo Torslandaverken in Göteborg
128 pages, some pictures with Volvo 164.

En bok om Volvo
AB Volvo. 1985. Swedish.
A book about AB Volvo
152 pages.

Illustrated Volvo Buyer's Guide, John Matras
Motorbook International 1993. English.
History and buyers guide.
128 pages, 13 with Volvo 140/164.

Road & Track On Volvo 1957-1974
Brooklands Books 1985. English.
Reprint of tests.
100 pages, 10 with Volvo 164.

Selling Volvo 1956-1986
Brooklands Books 1986. English.
Reprint of ads in american press.
108 pages, 3 with Volvo 164.

Sicherheit aus Schwedenstahl. Volvo 140 bis 260
Autovision verlag 2004. German.
Story about Volvo from 140 to 260 series.
144 pages, LOTS of pictures.

Spelet om Volvo, Jan Hökerberg
Ekerlids Förlag, 2000. Swedish
350 pages.

the story of Volvo cars, Graham Robson
Patrik Stephens, Cambridge, 1983. English
216 pages.

Volvo, Gladys Nicol
William Luscombe Publisher ltd, 1975. English
144 pages.

Volvo, John Creighton
Ian Henry Publications. 1982. English.
History about Volvo.
64 pages, 1 about Volvo 164

Volvo 140 & 160 Series Gold Portfolio 1966-1975
Brooklands Books 1995. English.
Reprint of tests.
172 pages, 47 with Volvo 164

Volvo 142, 144, 164 Road tests
Unique motor books. English.
Reprint of tests.
70 pages, 12 with Volvo 164

Volvo 144, 145 & 164 Road tests & articles
Transport source books. English.
Reprint of tests.
110 pages, 34 with Volvo 164

Volvo 160 series 1968-72 Autobook
Kenneth Ball. Autopress Ltd. 1972. English.
154 pages.

Volvo 160 series Owners Workshop Manual
Brooklands Books Ltd. 1998. English.
152 pages.

Volvo 160 series Owners Workshop Manual
Autobook 782 by Kenneth Ball. Autobooks Ltd. 1975. English.
164, 164E, 164TE 1968-74
152 pages.

Volvo 164 Owners Workshop Manual
Haynes Publishing Group. 1986. English.
164 (!) pages.

Volvo 164 series workshop manual
Intereurope. 1972. English.
126 pages.

Volvo 164 Workshop Maintenance & Repair Manual
Drake Publishers, Inc. 1972. English.
150 pages.

Volvo 2 - Chilton's Repair and tune-up guide 1970-1973
Chilton book company. 1973. English.
226 pages.

Volvo Briefing (including Amazon restoration)
Practical Classics & Car Restorer - Kelsey Publishing Limited. 1991. English.
44 pages, 4 with Volvo 164

Volvo Down Under, Pedr och Tony Davis
Marque Publishing Company 1990. English.
About Volvo in Australia.
287 pages.

VOLVO - Personvagnarna - från 20-tal till 90-tal, Björn-Eric Lindh
Förlagshuset Norden AB. 1990. Swedish
the story about Volvo
244 pages.

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Movies and TV series

In the swedish TV-serie "Snutarna" (shown about 1994) there is a 164 -71 that is beaten up and smashed. Really low budget program but at least it is a 164.......
(the car was later bought by one of our members and repaired. Later story unknown, probably gone to the junk yard..... R.I.P. )

In a swedish movie called "Nu är pappa trött igen" with Gösta Ekman (1995?) there is a 164 in the beginning. In the first scene you can see the number " BAF 116", in the second scene the number is deleted! From Ulf Hammar

"Skyjacked" from 1972 with Charles Heston. A hijacked airplane is forced to Russia and they are welcomed by military an police that hides behind two black 164s from 1972. From Mats Andersson

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