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Volvo AB
PV, Duett & P 1900
P 1800
142, 144 & 145
242, 244, 245, 262, 264 & 265
740, 760, 780, 940, 960, S90 & V90,
DAF & Volvo 66
340, 360, 440, 460 & 480
850, S70, V70 & C70
S40, V40, S60, S80 & XC
Military, 4WD and other specials
Homepages of members in our club
Volvo clubs for more than one model
All other Volvo sites (and some non-Volvo...)
Other cars

Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection system
Volvo-related Internet Mailing Lists
YouTube - Volvo-related

Our list with Sources for Volvo Parts and Service

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There are also some non-Volvo links that our webmaster finds interesting and/or amusing. Enjoy!

If you are trying to find a Volvo club some where in the world, please take a look at our page with all Volvo clubs that we know about. With addresses and phone numbers! www.164club.se/club.html.


Volvo C
Volvo Personbilar Sverige AB C
Volvokortet C
Volvo Cars of North America C
Volvo Cars of North America Technical Information C
Volvo Heritage C for classic Volvos
Volvia C

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PV (444/544), Duett (445/210) & P 1900

Der Buckelvolvo-Club
Buckel-Volvo-IG Schweiz
Dansk Volvo PV-Klub
Hot Rod 210
Leveranschassi Volvo PV
Norsk Volvo PV Klubb
Parts familiarization workbook PV444/544
Project Gallery - 1964 Volvo
Steve's Volvo 544 page
Svenska Volvo PV-klubben
Tjänstebilen Putte
Volvo 210 Klub Danmark
Volvo Duett
Volvo PV 544 C
Volvo PV Register

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Amazon (120/130/220)

The Amazon Register
Gertjan's Volvo Amazon Page
The homepage for Volvo Amazon 121-freaks
Koen's '69 Volvo Amazon
Magnus Amazon sida
Norsk Volvo Amazon klubb
Parts familiarization workbook P120
Svenska Volvo Amazon-klubben
Volvo Amazon Ben Flierman (TinusTechniek.TK)
Volvo Amazon Fan Club
Volvo Amazon Klub Danmark
Volvo Amazon Picture Gallery

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P 1800

1800 Home
Bruce's Car Pictures
Don Thibault: Volvo 1800 series specialist C
Jimmy's Volvo P1800 side
Mats Eriksson's P1800 sida
My P1800 page
Owain's Volvo 1800E
P1800 Club Switzerland
Parts familiarization workbook 180
Suomen Volvo 1800 kerho
Svenska Volvo P1800-klubben
Volvo 1800 IG Deutschland
Volvo 1800 Klub Danmark
Volvo 1800 Picture Gallery
Volvo P 1800 list

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142, 144 & 145

La Volvo
Parts familiarization workbook 140
Some cars last 4ever
Svenska Volvo 140-klubben
Volvo 140 series accessory gauges
the Volvo 140 Page
Volvo 140 årsmodell 1974

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164 Club of Sweden
164 foglamp reconditioning
164RS project
André Roelofs' Classic Volvo car page
Around Australia in a Classic 164 in 1997
How to replace the instrument voltage regulator and save $$$
Håkans 164E 1975
Kees Schippers Volvo 164
Mig og min dejlige 164`er
Modified Volvo 164
Ny sida 1
Parts familiarization workbook 164
Profile - 164 (Some facts are not right.....)
Så lätt trimmar du dina strålkastare
The Cars
Volvo 140/164 Club Danmark
volvo 164
Volvo 164
Volvo 164
Volvo 164 -72
Volvo 164 1973
Volvo 164E 1971
Volvo 164E 1975
Volvo 164 - Danish Army Vehicles Homepage
Volvo 164-drivet sågverk (!)
The Volvo 164 estate project
Volvo 164: Kloss med klass!
Volvo 164 list with ALL (?) 164's in the world
Volvo 164 polisbil
Volvo 164 Register Nederland
Volvo 164 Reviews

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242, 244, 245, 262, 264 & 265

1977 Volvo 242L
1983 Volvo 242 Group-A Turbo

240 Racing Photo Gallery

Anthony Hyde's Volvo Turbo World

Bil's 242GT page
Birgersson Motorsport
Boost HomePage

Christian Henriksen's c20R

Dave's Volvo 245 Turbo Page
Davies Volvo Sport C
De homepage van Kees Roskam
Dnitri's Volvo page

En radiostyrd Volvo 240
Erling's Volvo 240 Page

Felkodsavläsning och funktionstest LH-JETRONIC 2.4 1989-:
Forg's Doin’ Up The Volvo Page


Home of HGM
Homologation papers for GrpA

IG Volvo 240 Schweiz

jesse obuzz's Photo Galleries
Johan Perssons "Påliz-bil"
John's Brick Page
Jon-Erik's 240 sida
JTR Volvo 200 Series V-8 Conversion C

K-Jetronic Site Plan

Magnus 240 sida
Mike Brown's Volvo 240 Series Page
Min 242 sida
Min Volvo 244 Turbo
Min Volvo sida
M T's Photo Galleries

Nate's Volvo Sportswagen

Orange Volvo 1975 245 Turbo

Parts familiarization workbook 200
Patriks 240

Rallynytt provkör 242GT

the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir
Sollebrunn Edition
SQR Volvo 240
Svenska Volvo 242GT Klubben

Tommis Hemsida
Tuff240 Homepage

VB Racing
White Face Gauges for the Volvo 240 C
Volvo 200-serie(n)
Volvo 200-serien
Volvo 200-series pictures and photos
Volvo 240 - 260 Register
Volvo 240 Accessories
Volvo 240 Försäljningsbroschyrer
Volvo 240 Prototyp Prototype?? For me it looks like just another 140/240 with a lot of newer parts on it......
Volvo 240 sidan
Volvo 240 sports handling
Volvo 240 Tic
Volvo 240 Turbo Intercooler
Volvo 240 Turbo sidan
Volvo 242 -75 bygge
Volvo 242 T6
Volvo 242 tic
Volvo 244 Turbo -82
Volvo 245
Volvo 245GL 1992
Volvo 245 Turbo
Volvo 264 Limosine
Volvo 264TT-R page
Volvo GpA Race Cars
Volvo Group A Gallery index
Volvo Group A Racing
Volvo Intercooler
Volvo Sida
V8 Volvo

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740, 760, 780, 940, 960, S90 & V90

Club 262C + 780
Die Volvo 940 turbo tuning Seite
the High-Performance Turbo Volvo Project
Parts familiarization workbook 700
Sollet´s Homepage
Svenska Volvo 7/900-klubben
V90 Executive
Volvo 700 Vereniging
the Volvo 940 Page
Volvord 784VC

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DAF & Volvo 66

Tjorven from Kalmar
TjorvenWeb - Renovering av en Kalmar KVD 441B.

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340, 360, 440, 460 & 480

300 power club sweden
Bilarna som Gud glömde
Club Volvo 480 Italia
Johans Place!
Svenska 480 klubben
Volvo 300 Club
Volvo 300 Mania
Volvo 480
Volvo 480 Club Europe
Volvo - 480 IG Deutschland
Volvo 480 Register

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850, S70, V70 & C70

Svenska Volvo C70-klubben
Svenska 85X70 Klubben
Volvo 850 Club Nederland
Volvo 850 T5-R

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S40, V40, S60, S80 & XC

Nordiska X40 Klubben
Owner Club XC

Projekt V40 styling
Volvo Cross Country Resources
Volvo S40T4

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Military, 4WD and other specials

Ambulanssidan i Stockholm
Autokaross i Floby AB C
Emergency vehicles on runs
EuroLans C
Ferno Norden AS C
Järva-Jaani Tuletõrje Selts
MFHF - Militär Fordons Historiska Föreningen
Ola By Bilbärgning AB / Assistancekåren
The personal Volvo C303 project page
Peter's 4WD page - Volvo Sugga
Peter's 4WD page - Volvo Valp
Police Cars
Police Vehicles - Vehicules de Police
Polisfordonshistoriska sällskapet
Räddningstjänsten i Storgöteborg - Inofficiell hemsida
Sala Brand C
Svensk Utryckningsfordonsförening
Team Storsmia
Terrängbil 11
Tgb-sidan, Volvo Valp & Volvo C300
UK Emergency Vehicles
the Ultimate taxi
Volvo C303 4x4's
Volvo Laplander Tech Forum
Volvo Sugga (Raptgbil 915)
Volvo sugge og radio side
Volvo terrängbil - Sugga (RAPTG 915)
Volvo TP21
Yahoo! Groups: valpclub
Yngve Nilssons Karosserifabrik AB C

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Homepages of members in our club

Member # 0001 Jon-Erik's Hemsida
Member # 1147 Andreas Friedner's web sidor

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Volvo clubs for more than one model

Die Bremer Volvo IG
Der Bremer Volvo Club e.V.

Canadian Volvo Club
Club Volvo Chile
Club Volvo Italia
Club Volvo in Riga

de Katterugclub

Executive CarsClub

Klub Milosników Volvo (Volvo club in Poland)
Kolding Volvo Klub

Latvijas Volvo Klubs

Mano Volvo klubas
Moscow Volvo Club

Nordic R
Norsk Volvo klubb, Buskerud
Norsk Volvo 140/164/1800 Klubb

Salling Volvo Club
Suomen Volvo-kerho (Volvo Club of Finland)
Svenska Volvo 240 Klubben & Swedish Volvo Power Team
SVIS (Svenska Volvoklubbar i Samverkan)
SwedishBricks (Volvo-Net) Home Page
Swiss Volvo Classics

Turbobricks - Turbocharged Volvo Performance!
Turbo Performance Club

Veterán Volvo Fanatik
Volvo 140 and 164 Register
Volvo 164/140 Club e.V.
Volvo Auto Clube-Brasil
Volvo Car Club of New South Wales
Volvo Classic Club Belgium
Volvo Club de France
Volvo-Club Nederland
Volvo Club of Switzerland
Volvo Club Russia
Volvo Club Deutschland e.V.
Volvo Club of America
Volvo Club of America - Cactus Chapter
Volvo Club of America - Golden Gate Chapter
Volvo Club of America - SoCal Chapter
the Volvo Club of Victoria
Volvo-Club Österreich
Volvo Coupé Bertone Register
Volvo Klassieker Vereniging
Volvoklubben Trøndelag
Volvo Owners Club Ltd.

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All other Volvo sites (and some non-Volvo...)

123ignition electronic ignition systems for classic cars

Alter Schwede
Alven-Ingvarsson AB C
Amazon Cars C
Amon Classic Volvos C
André Volvo models C
AROS Motorveteraner
ATS-Wheels Homepage C
Austin Vol-Tech Services, Inc C
Automobil Online C
Auto Motor & Sport OnLine C

Backmans Sliperi C
Bakaxeldelar C
Batterigubben C
BildelsBasen - Bildelssökning på alla bilskrotar!! C
Bildelar - Lagabasen C
Bilnavet billänkar
Bilsport - Nyheter för bilentusiasten
Bilsport & MC Specialförsäkringar
Bosch Automotive Tradition C
BriBos - Däck för samlarfordon C
BSR Sportsman C

Calix C motorvärmare
Cameron's Home Page for VOLVO Admirers
Chapman Motors Ltd. C
Classic Caravan
Classic Car Lovers Fan Page
Classic Car UK
Classic Carweek
Classic Motor Magasin C
Classic Motorsports Magazine C
Classic Wheels UK
Copcar dot com
CVI Automotive C spare parts for classic Volvos

dackonline.se C
Daniel Stern Lighting C
Demia AB C
Die Cast Pro

El & Diesel i Stockholm AB C
Elgin park
Visit Elgin park
Elgin park - photos of the models

Ferrita Sweden AB - Rostfria Avgassystem C
Fordonsarkiv C Beställ dokument för fordon med registreringsskylt under åren 1972-1994
Förlags AB Albinsson & Sjöberg C

GCP - Genuine Classic Parts C Original parts for all older Volvos. Searchable database.......
GeMigDinBil filmer med skrotbilar
GIK Turboteknik C
Gör det själv jobb på AC

Hansen Racing AB C
Heico Sportiv C
The Home for Wayward Volvos
Howe and Howe C custom off-road vehicle fabrication
Huke Basart Volvo Klassiekers

Instrument JIGE AB C renovering av instrument
Intera Sverige AB C renovering av fälgar
Internet Movie Cars Database
IPD home page C performance parts and accessories
iRoll Motors C classic and specialty Volvos

Johans Volvosida
JT Avgasteknik C
Jörgens biltavlor C
Jösse Car C

Karstorps Bildemontering C
Kent Hortlund Litteratur C
KG Trimning C
KH Motorsport C
Kirk's Volvo Page
Klassiker C Bilar och motorcyklar 1945-1985
KL-Racing C
Kungliga Automobil Klubben

LACO Models C
Lafri C litteratur till bil och mc
LH Bil- & Båt Inredningar AB C
License Plates of the World
Lloyd's Automobile Literature C
Lokari i Sverige C

Made in Finland Promo cars
Malsta Bildemontering C
Mange in sport
MarGie Bookshop C
Matthew's Volvo Site
MHF Motorförarnas Helnykterhetsförbund
MHRF Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet
MHS Motorhistoriska Sällskapet i Sverige
Mike Ponte's Volvo Page
Model Car Hub
Motorbokhandeln Automoboken C
Motormännens Riksförbund
Motoroldies C

Nisonger Instruments C marketing, rebuilding and repairing precision instruments
Nostalgia Magazine
NTF Nationalföreningen för trafiksäkerhetens främjande

Odometer Gears LTD C
OJ Rallye Automotive C
Overseas Speedometer -- Service and Repair C

Perssons Parts C
Pooh's project homepage

Raka Rör - Rostfria avgassystem C
Ray Metallfabrik AB C Simons Sportsystem
Restauratiebedrijf Schampers C
Returbilen C
Revolvstore C
R-Sport International C

S-klädsel C
Scandinavian Service C
Scandinavian Spare-parts ApS C
Scantrade C
SFRO - Sveriges Fordonsbyggares Riksorganisation
Sifvert Skruv AB C
Skedlo Veteran AB C
Southwestauto C
Specialfälgar C
Sprutförsilvring i Helsingborg C
Stan Weiss' - Electronic Fuel Injector (EFI) Flow Data Table
Stockholms Bil Web
Svedinos Bil- och Flygmuseum
SwedishBricks Picture Show
Swedish Carparts C
The Swedish Solution C
Swedish Treasures C
Svenska Bilsportförbundet

Tappade nyckeln - fick ny bil! (Expressen)
Team Turbo Plus Hemsida
Teknikens Värld C
TG Motor C
Tire and Wheel Upgrade Calculator
Tire Size Calculator
TNCS assistans - fordon för TV- och filminspelningar C
Transmission, Automatic AW70 and ZF
Turbo Tech Sweden C

Wagner & Günther C
Walter Miller's autolit.com C
the van Sambeek Family
VClassics Interactive Magazine
VendiBilia C avgassystem till klassiska Volvo
Veteran Car C
Wilpac C classic Volvo parts & model cars
vlvautoparts C
Voluparts - Volvo Parts Warehouse C
Volvo Adventures, New Zealand
Volvo Engine Swaps
Volvogue C
Volvo - jagrullar.se
Volvo klassiek C
Volvo Model cars - Inventory of Volvo scale models
Volvo's - "Down under"
Volvo Sound System Radioapparater
Volvospeed Gateway
Volvo Used car Belgium Autobedrijf Caryn Etienne C
Volvo Wire Harnesses
VolvoWorld C
VP autoparts C
VROM hemsida
VROM 2004
VROM 2005
VROM 2005

Zoffbred's Volvo Page
ZTherapy Inc SU Tech site

Örebro Agenturaffär C

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Other cars

VW K70
VW K70 nostalgisida

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Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection system

Bosch D-Jetronic
Brad's '70 914 2.0L look a bit down on the page for some EXCELLENT D-jet pages!!!!
Building an In-Dash Air-Fuel Monitor
Calibrating the 914 Throttle Positon Switch
D-Jetronic articles series by Dr-Djet
D-jetronic FAQs
Grundig ECU Tester Operating Instructions
VClassics Interactive - All About D-Jetronic Fuel Injection

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Volvo-related Internet Boards, Forums and Mailing Lists

Svenska Volvo 140-klubbens forum Volvo 140 forum

BrickBoardTM.com is centered around several forums for Volvo enthusiasts. The two main forums: RWD (rear wheel drive) and AWD/FWD (all/front wheel drive) are filled with technical questions and answers. These forums are the most active conversations.

forum.svenska200klubben.se Forum for Volvo 200-series

Hot 240 Volvos

HPVolvos High Performance Volvo's

OzHotVolvos For those with Hot or modified Volvo's in Australia

Swedespeed Forums

SCCB Swedish Car Club Belgium

SwedishBricks is an online forum created over six years ago for technical discussions of issues related to Volvos, primarily for 200 series owners. It was originally hosted on a university computer, and then, in mid-1996, moved to a commercial ISP running majordomo. In August of 1997, the group established its own web site - this one- and once again moved mailing list services, this time to a commercial mailing list product.
This group talks mostly about driving, maintenance and repair issues concerning Volvo's sold in North America over the last 20 years. Most of the talk comes from owners of 200 and 700/900 series cars. There is a nucleus of 544, 122, 1800 and 140/160 owners and a few 850 owners.
Subject matter on this list tends to be relatively technical, with most of the discussion concerning repair issues of higher mileage vehicles. The list has been quite talkative, with as many as 40 messages per day being not uncommon.
How to subscribe

Turbobricks - For all Volvo TURBO enthusiasts.

Volvo_160_140 New list for 164/140 owners

volvo100list Mailing list for Volvo 140- and 164-series only. (95% spam, moderator has lost access....)
volvo100list archive



Volvo-164-owners A group for all owners and admirers of the Volvo 164 & 164E models built from 1969 to 1975

Volvo Car Club Norway Forum

volvocentral All about Volvos from the Present and Future

volvoclassiccars Volvo Classic Cars - Drive Them Like You Hate Them

volvodrivers This is the club for Volvo drivers

VOLVO-Forum - alles rund um Deinen Volvo

Volvosweden - Forum för oss som kör Volvo

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YouTube - Volvo-related

Volvo Snowrace
Volvo 164 advertising
Volvo Kalmar
1975 volvo 164 commercial
1969 Volvo 140 commercial
1971 volvo commercial
1971 Volvo 144GL commercial
Volvo 1972
1973 Volvo 140 commercial
1973 Volvo commercial - Hardtop
1974 volvo 140 commercial
1974 Volvo 140 wagon commercial
Volvo 140 advertising
Volvo 140 / 160
1982 Volvo 240 commercial
1982 Volvo "The Turbo" Commercial
1983 Volvo 240 turbo commercial
1983 Volvo 240 turbo commercial
Volvo 1984 Japan
Volvo 240 advertising
Volvo 260 advertising
Volvo 264GL commercial
Fahrertraining in der DDR
Trafikmagasinet testar Volvo 240 (1992)
Volvo 240 / 260
Volvo 240 1993, del 1
Volvo 240 1993, del 2

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