164 Club of Sweden

164 and 140 Parts Catalogue (pdf)

Specialkatalog 164 Police car: 164_police.pdf Issue 02-1974

Complete 164 Parts catalogue: 164_69.pdf One of the first issues, probably from 1969

Complete 164 Parts catalogue: 164_69-75.pdf Issue 12-1975

Complete 140 Parts catalogue 1967-1972: 140_67-72.pdf Issue 11-1979

Complete 140 Parts catalogue 1973-1974: 140_73-74.pdf Issue 04-1980

164 in sections:

grp01a: grp01a.pdf

grp01b: grp01b.pdf
Catalogue instructions

grp02a: grp02a.pdf

grp02b: grp02b.pdf
Cooling system

grp02c: grp02c.pdf
Fuel and exhaust system

grp02d: grp02d.pdf
Engine control linkages

grp03: grp03.pdf
Electrical equipment and instruments

grp04: grp04.pdf
Power train with rear axle

grp05: grp05.pdf

grp06: grp06.pdf
Front axle, wheels, hubs and steering

grp07: grp07.pdf

grp08: grp08.pdf

grp09: grp09.pdf
Miscellaneous equipment

grp10a: grp10a.pdf
Numerical register

grp10b: grp10b.pdf
Repair kits

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